Q.1 (A) FILLS IN THE BLANKS                (Write in First side of the Page)                                                                                                                         5 MARKS
  1. A sole proprietor is the _______form of organisation. (private sector, public sector, none of)
  2. The costliest means of transport is ______ (Air transport , Rail transport, Water transport)
  3. Environment management system is mandatory in ________ (USA, India, China)
  4. Business is a _______activity. (socio-economic, service, profit making)
  5. 13 functions of an Entrepreneur were enumerated by ______(Kilby Peter, J.Scumpter, R. Cantilon)
(B) MATCH THE PAIRS                       (Write in Second side of the Page)                                                                                                                              5 MARKS
  1. Life Insurance
  2. Mitigation of Loss
  3. Premium
  4. Cold Storage
  5. Warehousing

  1. Insurable Interest
  2. To minimize the loss
  3. Payment made by policy holder
  4. storage of goods
  5. perishable goods
  6. principle of indemnity
               (C) GIVE SUITABLE ONE WORD WHICH SUIT TO THE BELOW QUESTION (Write in Third side of the Page) 5 MARKS
  1. A bank is known as banker's bank.
  2. A consumer dispute redressal agency that handles the claims above Rs 1 Crore.
  3. Father of Modern Management.
  4. An account where fixed amount is kept for a specific period.
  5. The account suitable for business people.
Q.2 WRITE SHORT NOTES ANY THREE OUT OF FIVE (30 MINUTES)                                                                                              15 MARKS
  1. Technique of Scientific management
  2. Competencies of Entrepreneur
  3. Types of Specialized Mail Service.
  4. characteristics of Business Ethics
  5. On-line transaction
Q.3 DISTINQUISH BETWEEN ANY THREE OUT OF FIVE (30 MINUTES)                                                                                                        15 MARKS
  1. Partnership V/S Joint Hindu Family (write 7 Points)
  2. State Commission V/S National Commission. (write 7 Points)
  3. Life Insurance V/S Marine Insurance. (write 7 Points)
  4. Current Account V/S Saving Account. (write 7 Points)
  5. Road Transport V/S Rail Transport. (write 7 Points)
Q.4 TRUE OR FALSE WITH REASON ANY THREE OUT OF FIVE (25 MINUTES)                                                                           15 MARKS
  1. Central Bank of India cannot accept deposit from the public. (Think and Write)
  2. Rail transport provides door to door service.
  3. Maximation of profit is the main motto of Joint Stock Company.
  4. Current account suitable for salaried people only.
  5. The principles of indemnity apply to life insurance.
Q.5 ANSWER THE FOLLOWING ANY TWO OUT OF FIVE (20 MINUTES)                             PAPER                              10 MARKS
  1. Enlist any five principles of Henri Fayol.               (write 5 Points)                                                                                                                     1
  2. Explain the significance of principles of management. (write 6 to 7 Points)
  3. Explain the F.W. Taylor's scientific Management?
  4. Functions of Ware housing. (write 6 to 7 Points)
  5. Responsibility of commercial organization towards Employee. (write 6 to 7 Points)
Q.6 ANSWER IN BRIEF ANY ONE OUT OF TWO (20 MINUTES)                                                                                                                         10 MARKS
  1. Define Joint Stock Company? Explain its advantages and disadvantages? (write Meaning Definition and 7 + 7 Points)
  2. Define Joint Hindu Family? Explain its Merits and Demerits? (write Meaning Definition and 7 + 7 Points)