Write a letter to your younger brother advising him not to mix up with bad boys.

8C, Sonia Apartments,
                                                                                      Mango colony,
                                                                                      M.G. Road,
                                                                                      Mumbai - 400 017.
                                                                                      13th February, 2014
My dear brother,

I am glad that you have moved to the hostel. In a hostel, one is taught how to lead a corporate life. It provides an opportunity for an all round development of the personality. But you have to avoid bad company.

Please guard against the temptation of falling into a bad company. You will come across a number of boys whose company is not desirable. They either of fashion crazy or addicted to drugs. They will try to lure you to follow their wrong steps and neglect your studies. Always remember that a greater freedom means a greater responsibility. The freedom in the hostel should lead you to a hard work.

I would suggest you to take up your studies seriously and make the best use of your time. Life is already hard. Do not make it harder for yourself.

     I hope you will think over my advice seriously and will avoid bad company.

     Yours affectionately,