Look at the following diagram and write at least three paragraphs on ‘Reasons for the failure of students’. Also write in brief the ways to improve their situations.



The given diagram represents the reasons for the failure of students in studies. These include wasting too much time in playing games, lack of proper study habits. The main and the prime concern among small children is watching TV and incase of teenagers it is watching cinema or films. The students between the age of 16 to 22 mostly becomes the victim of bad company due to which their studies gets affected. Now a days due to the influence of social media students do not have time to think about their future, it leads to low aims, without proper planning no one can reach the goal. If we don't know the destiny no way will lead us to the there. Lack of proper guidance, proper environment and proper motivation also become the major part in distracting the study mind of the children. 

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