A letter asking for an increase in salary.

A letter asking for an increase in salary.
          8C, Sonia Apartments,
                                                                                      Mango colony,
                                                                                      M.G. Road,
                                                                                      Mumbai - 400 016.
                                                                                      13th February, 2014

The Manager,
The Standard Company, Ltd.,
Chennai-600 001.


I am working very honestly to fit myself for advancement in your employ, I now requesting you in the matter of an advance in salary. In support of my request, I furnish before you the following facts:

Employee No.
OM 0014
Clerk Sales Deportment
Date of Joining
15th January, 2004
Best Employee of the year 2008

Best Employee of the year 2011

I. I have been in the service of this company for the past ten years.

2. My last promotion was in April 2006.

3. I have been made to work in several departments and I believe that. in everyone of them I have done my work to the satisfaction of my immediate superiors.

     4. Nowadays, because of inflation the prices have gone up tenfold, the salary that I draw is quite inadequate for my needs.

I think you will be pleased to take a favorable view of my case and give me such increase in the salary as you think I deserve by my work and length of service.
Yours faithfully,

                                      (Clerk, Sales. Dept. )