Write about the 'Artificial Satellite'.

Man made or artificial satellites (sub planets) are launched into the space with the help of rockets.
1)       There are two major kinds of artificial satellites. They are; a) Earthly Satellite  b) Polar Satellite
2)       Earthly Satellite is made stable from the earth at the height of 33000 to 35000km.
3)       With the help of rocket, the satellite moves as the earth moves with the speed.
4)       Indian satellites are sent form Satish Dhawan Centre at Shriharikota.
5)       Earthly satellite is known as Insat.
6)       Polar satellite has gone upto 800 to 850 km from the earth.
7)       They travel from north to South Pole and return to North Pole.
8)       IRS series satellite is a polar satellite.

9)       The advantages of satellite are broadcasting of television programmes, mobile and telephone communication, study of environment and temperature, taking pictures and making maps of the earth and the study of natural wealth.