God made the country and man made the town.

People in the city only know of the hustle and bustle and hurry and the flurry of modern, mechanical urban life. They are always surrounded by crows and noise and pollution. Indeed whenever man has tried to establish a settlement, he has brought with it innumerable problems. in order to construct a buildings, he does away with all elements of nature that make life so beautiful. And he fills his surroundings with stone and mud and dirt and smoke, creating massive concrete jungles, unfit for human habitation.
On the other hand, people in the countryside live in the soothing silence of the countryside, breathe fresh air, eat plain but wholesome and nourishing food, work hard in healthy conditions, and are happy and content. In fact, it is only these simple rural folk who know what true exertion is, what true appetite is, what true interfere with their environment. They live in harmony with nature.
Blesses indeed are they who enjoy the simple pleasures of village life

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  1. please avoid spelling ,mistakes like instead of crowds , crows