Your performance at the Terminal Examination held by your school was unsatisfactory. Write a letter to your father, who is out of town, explaining the reason for your poor performance.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G.Road, Dharavi,
19th January 2014

Dear father,

I am ashamed to tell you that my performance at the Terminal Examination was pretty unsatisfactory. I have failed in English and Mathematics and barely scraped through in Science, Hindi and Marathi. Only in Social Studies have I managed to secure 75%.

I know this will depress you a lot. The reason why I have fared so poorly is my overconfidence. I assumed I knew all my subjects quite well. Even while attempting the paper, I was rather casual. It was only when the teachers returned my papers after correction that I realized how careless I had been. I am guilty of having committed silly spelling errors and making hasty calculations.  

All this has come as a tremendous shock to me, and I am determined that there shall be no repeat performance. I know you will be very upset, but do forgive me this time.

I assure you that I shall never let you down again.

Your loving daughter,


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