Write a short article for a newspaper describing how inhuman it is to kill Whales for selfish interests or for mere sport

Save The Whale

January 8 : The whale , an important sea creature , is almost extinct. This gigantic mammal is hunted for its fat from which whale – oil is obtained. Whale hunting is pursued as a sport also. But the result of this pursuit will be that our seas will ever soon be without any whales. One fails to understand how selfish and inhuman the people are who hunt this harmless animal. Don’t they feel regret or pity when they see this huge animal struggling helplessly in the water as it breathes its Last? People spend lakhs of Rupees every year  only on the hunting of this defenseless  sea creature. The people who do so are nothing but murderers .

So the Government of the countries  with  coastlines where such cruel activities take place should be stricter in the enforcement of the laws for the protection of Whales . They should totally ban whaling and close down industries connected with the processing of food, oil, etc. from whales.

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