Pests in the home

The biggest pest in the home is the mosquito. I notice that there are at least 3 different kinds of mosquitoes. Some bite in the daytime and some at night. Some are large while some are tiny, but they have one thing in common -- they bite. So we use mosquito repellents, coils, nets and sprays to keep them at bay, but somehow they still manage to get past our defenses.
I am very sensitive to mosquito-bites, so I sleep under a mosquito-net. Some people seem quite unaware of their presence and do not seem to know that they have been bitten. Well, these are lucky people until they come down with malaria or dengue-fever.
Another persistent pest is the common rat. These animals are very active during the night, looking for food everywhere. They eat anything, even soap. So any food left uncovered overnight is likely to be contaminated by these pests. Furthermore rats make nests in nooks and corners of the house. They nibble into floorboards, ceilings and even electrical wiring. They are really a big nuisance.
Cockroaches too are pests. They have the habit of crawling all over the place. Sometimes they even crawl onto one's body. These dirty little creatures contaminate food too. They also emit a strong stench. It is never pleasant to encounter them.
There are other pests like flies, ants, moths and assorted bugs. It would be nice it we can get rid of them but it is obvious we cannot. They are here to stay. The only effective way to minimize them is to keep the house clean. In this way they have less places to breed and less food to eat. The less pests we have in the home, the more pleasant the home is.   

keep at bay

If you keep someone or something at bay, you maintain a safe distance from them.

every nook and corner

every part of a place


a strong unpleasant smell

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