Write a story with the title: “Undercover spies”

1. Describe how you felt about the violent crimes committed by some youths in the neighborhood.
2. Describe in detail your friends and you joined the gang to spy on their activities.
3. Describe how the police managed to arrest the gangsters with your help.

“Gosh! How dreadful”, I exclaimed when I read in the newspapers about the spate of violent crimes carried out by youths in some neighborhoods.

What I felt was even more alarming was that the number of such crimes, which went unchecked, was increasing by the day. The problem was that many people were reluctant to identify these youths for fear of being assaulted further.

“I’m glad I’m doing something to help stop the crimes”, I thought. Then, I went downstairs to meet my friends, Robert and Terry. A few days earlier, we had agreed to work with the police. Acting as uncover spies, we were to look for a chance to infiltrate the gang, and then inform the police of the gang’s members and activities.

I met Robert and Terry, both looking very excited. “Our chance has come”, Robert said. Then, they told me that two young thugs were bullying an old lady at the playground.

We immediately ran to the playground and grabbed the old lady’s handbag as she tussled with the two bullies. The thugs immediately ran after us. I readily ran after us. I readily gave up the handbag saying that my friends and I indulged in unruly activities for the thrill of it and had not need for the money. This pleased them immensely and they invited us to join their gang. A few days later, we joined their gang officially. We spent a month getting to know everyone, especially the ring leader. Altogether, there were eighteen of them. We went to their favorite haunts and found that they engaged in picking pockets and petty thefts. At the same time, we won the confidence of the members in the gang. This enabled us to get the particulars of all the members.

In the meantime, we kept the police updated about all the gang’s moves. We were cautioned to be careful by the police. After a month, the police arrested all the youths who were tried and sentenced in a juvenile court. The papers covered the story in detail. It had been exciting working as an undercover spy. However, my parents forbade me to do it again as it was too dangerous.

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