Write a story about a bossy person

1. Describe a conversation between two friends which showed what they thought of a bossy person, Mrs. Upal.
2. Describe the unpleasant shopping experience to the friends had.
3. Describe the awful lunch they had.
4. Describe the embarrassing incident where Mrs. Upal made a fool of herself.
5. Describe how the incident affected the bossy and talkative Mrs. Upal.

“Oh, no! Why did you invite Mrs. Upal to shop with us?” Mrs. Ravinder asked, her voice mixed with shock and disappointment.

“Sorry, but you know how bossy Mrs. Upal is. She just invited herself”, Mrs. Anand explained.

The outing turned out to be a harrowing experience. Mrs. Ravinder and Mrs. Anand could do nothing that they really wished to do. Mrs. Upal dictated where they should shop and even what they should buy. The other two ladies were too polite to object to her bossiness. Besides, Mrs. Upal’s husband was their husbands’ boss and they dared not antagonize her.

The unpleasant Mrs. Upal deliberately took them to expensive shops and boutiques. She enjoyed the sense of superiority she felt when shopping with these ladies who could not afford the things in the expensive shops.

Mrs. Upal then took them to an expensive North Indian restaurant. She insisted that they try the hottest dishes. Poor Mrs. Ravinder and Mrs Anand had to drink glasses of water for they did not like hot dishes.

The bossy Mrs. Talked endlessly in between bites. She exlained each dish to her lunch companions. She even instructed them on how to eat each dish the proper way. For instance, the tandoori chicken had to be eaten by holding the chicken at a certain angle.

After this awful lunch, the waiter brought three small bowls of water with slices of lemon in them. Immediately, Mrs. Upal squeezed the lemon and drank the water. She explained that lemon water was good for the digestive system.

Mrs. Ravinder and Mrs. Anand looked at each other and smiled. Then, they merely dipped their fingers into the finger bowls and washed their fingers. Mrs. Upal turned red in the face when she realized what a stupid mistake she had made.

After this embarrassing incident, Mrs. Upal was rather silent for the rest of the afternoon.

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