Co – ordination is need at all the levels of management.

This statement is True

i. Co-ordination is an integration of different activities that are essential for the Working of an organization.  

ii. There is a need or co-ordination at all levels. The top management has to coordinate the plans of the middle level managers or the departmental managers. The middle level managers are responsible to coordinate the activities of the lower level managers. The lower level managers are responsible to coordinate the activities to their subordinates.

iii.  “Co-ordination is orderly arrangement of group efforts to provide unity of action in the pursuit (chase) of common goal”.”

iv. Co-ordination is a group effort and not individual effort. An individual working in isolation does not affect functioning of others and no need of co-ordination arises. To achieve the common objectives, all have to work in a team and this is possible through co-ordination.

v. Co-ordination itself relates to group effort but not to an individual. There is always a need of integrated efforts from all the employees to perform various functions in an organization. Integrated efforts lead towards the success of an organization.

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