Rainfall influences the climatic of the Western Ghats and the coastal plains

1. The Western Ghats act as a barrier for the Southwestern monsoon winds. This cause heavy rainfall in the West Coastal region during the monsoon. The rainfall increases towards the Ghats where it is about 4000mm per annum.
2. On the other hand, it decreases towards north Gujarat, especially the Kachchh region, where there is no such mountain barrier to cause rainfall.
3. Because of high rainfall in the coastal plains of Konkan and Malabar, their climate is hot and humid during monsoon and hot and dry in the rest of the year.
4. In the Ghats region, it is humid but no so hot. In the north Gujarat Plain, the climate is mostly dry and extreme because of low rainfall.
5. Thus, rainfall influences the climate of the Western Ghats and the Coastal Plains.

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