Bachelor in Banking & Insurance (B.B.I)

Semester I
Environment and management of Financial services

Principles Of Management
Effective Communication - I
Economics - I (Micro)
Quantitative Methods - I
Introduction to Computer Systems

Semester II

Principles and Practices of Banking Insurance
Financial Accounting
Effective Communication - II
Economics - II (Micro)
Quantitative Methods - II
Business Law

Semester III
Laws Governing Banking & Insurance
Financial Management - I
Management Accounting
Customer relationship management
IT in banking & insurance
Taxation of Financial Services
Organizational Behaviour

Semester IV
Universal Banking
Financial Management - II
Innovation in Banking & Insurance
Corporate Law & Laws Governing Capital Mkt
Enterpreneurship Management
Financial Market (Equity, Debt, Forex & Deriv)
Cost Accounting

Semester V
Marketing in Banking & Insurance
Financial Management - II
International Banking & Finance
Financial Reporting & Analysis
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Semester VI
Strategic Management (Banking & Insurance
Central Banking
International Business
HRM in Banking And Insurance
Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
Turnaround Management
(SPECIAL Studies in Banking & Ins Project)
 B.B.I. / Third Year - Vth Semester (Revised)
Marketing In Banking & Insurance
·         I. Introduction:
·         Definition Marketing
·         Difference between sales and marketing
Types Of Marketing
·         Industrial Marketing
·         Services Marketing
·         Consumer Goods marketing
Marketing mix (4 P's of marketing mix)
·         II. Introduction To Services Marketing:
·         Definition and classification
·         Characteristics of services
·         Categories of services
·         Services marketing mix
·         Introduction to banking and insurance as services
·         III. Services Marketing Mix With Reference To Banking & Insurance:
·         7 P's of services marketing mix
·         Importance of marketing mix elements
·         Strategies for effective management of services marketing
·         Mix elements
·         Banking and insurance as products
·         Services marketing mix strategies for Banking and Insurance
·         IV. Customer In Services Marketing:
·         Buying behaviors
·         Buying roles
·         Importance of 'Place' with regards to services
·         V. Managing Service Quality:
·         Service quality model (Caps model)
·         Managing service gaps
·         VI. Advertising And Branding Of Services(Managing Integrated Marketing Communication):
·         Identifying target audience
·         Determining communication objectives
·         Factors in setting marketing communication mix
·         VII. Managing Product Support:
·         Post sales services strategies
·         Major trends in customer service
·         VIII. Managing Direct And On-Line Marketing:
·         Growth and benefits of direct marketing
·         Major channels of direct marketing
·         Marketing in 21st Century
·         To commerce
Financial Services Management
·         Financial Services Management: 
Meaning - Classification - Scope - Fund Based Activities - Non-Fund Based Activities - Modern Activities - Sources of Revenue - causes for financial innovation - New Financial Products and services - Innovative Financial Instruments - Challenges Facing the Financial Sector Saving Mobilization
·         Merchant Banking: 
Definition - Origin - Merchant Banking in India - Merchant Banks and Commercial Banks - Services of Merchant Banks - Qualities required of Merchant Bankers in Market Making Process - Progress of Merchant Banking in India - Problems - Scope of Merchant Banking in India
·         Hire Purchase: 
Features Legal Position - Hire Purchase and Credit Sale - Hire Purchase and Installment Sale - Hire Purchased and Leasing - Origin and Development - Banks and Hire Purchase Business - Bank Credit for Hire Purchase
·         Leasing: 
Definition - Steps in Leasing Transactions - Types of Lease - Financial Lease- Operating Lease - Leverage Lease - Sales and Lease Bank - Cross Border Lease - Installment Buying-Advantages and Disadvantages of Lease History and Development - Legal Aspects - Accounting Treatment of Lease - Structure of Leasing industry-Problems-Prospects
·         Venture Capital: 
Concept-Meaning-Features-Scope of Venture Capital Importance-Origin-Initiative in India-Venture Capital Guidelines-Method of Venture Financing-Indian Scenario-Suggestion for the Growth of Venture Capital
·         Mutual Fund: 
Introduction-Meaning-Fund Unit Vs Share-Origin of the Fund-Types/Classification of Funds-Importance of Mutual Funds-Risk-Organization of the Fund-Operation of the Fund-Facilities available to investors-Net Asset Value-Investor Rights-General Guidelines-Mutual Funds 2000 Vilation of Guidelines-Selection of a Fund Commercial Banks and Mutual Fund-Mutual Funds abroad-Mutual Funds in India-Reasons for Slow Growth-Future of Mutual Funds Industry
·         Discounting Factoring And Forfeiting: 
Introduction - Discounting - Factoring - Meaning - Modus Operandi - Terms and Conditions - Functions - Types of Factoring. Factoring vs Discounting - Cost of Factoring - benefits - Factoring in India - International Factoring - Definition - Types of Expert Factoring - Factoring in other countries - Edit factoring - Factoring - Definition - Factoring Vs Forfeiting - Working of forfeiting - cost of forfeiting - benefits of forfeiting - drawbacks - forfeiting in India
·         Securitisation Of Debt: 
What is securitization ? - Definition - securitization vs. factoring - Modus operandi - role of merchant bankers - role of other parties - structure for securitization - securitisable assets - benefits of securitization - conditions for successful securitization - securitization abroad - securitization in India - reasons for unpopularity of securitization - future prospects of securitization
·         Derivatives: 
Meaning - definition - kinds of financial derivatives - forwards - features of forwards financial - forwards - futures - features of futures - types of futures - commodity futures - financial futures - forwards vs. futures - advantages of forwards and futures. Options - features of Option - share option - currency option - benefits - swap- features of swap - kinds of swap - advantages - importance of derivatives - inhibiting factors derivatives in India
·         Credit Rating: 
Definition and meaning - functions of credit rating - Origin - credit rating in India - benefit of credit rating - credit rating agencies in India. CRISIL-IICRA-CARE- Limitations of Rating - Future of credit rating in India
·         Credit Cards: 
What is credit card ? - Who can be Member - types of credit cards - New types of credit cards - parties to credit card - procedure at the time of purchase - procedure for reimbursement - facilities offered to Card Holders - benefits - demerits - credit card business in India - future prospects ?
International Banking & Finance
·         Objectives: 
The paper will discuss the concepts and broad activities of international banking and finance besides studying developments in India in this context.
·         Evolution of International Banking
·         International Banking - A functional overview - banking for financing of exports and imports of goods and services. International payments system.
·         International capital markets - financial market flows beyond national boundaries, debt and non-debt flows; volatile and stable flows; interest rate differentials and their role in demand for and supply of funds across borders
·         Offshore banking centers and their role in international financing, Global balance sheet of banks. Asset and liability management of foreign banks.
·         Foreign exchange risks, the exchange rate swings and their effects on banks net worth
·         Perceptions of international rating agencies Country risk. International financial stability and the central role of banks in financial stability
·         Issues relating to international financial architecture.
Financial Report And Analysis
·         Preparation and Presentation of Corporate final accounts and reports for Trading, Manufacturing and other companies in accordance with Companies Act, 1995 (as amended from time to time) and for Banks in accordance with Banking regulations and for Insurance Companies in accordance with Insurance Legislation.
·         Study of Accounting Standards prescribed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India elevant for compilation of above accounts.
·         Study of Accounting Policies from annual reports of listed companies, banks and insurance companies.
·         Study of Disclosures by way of notes from annual reports of listed companies branches and insurance companies.
·         Analysis and interpretation of the contents of annual reports of companies covering the following -
·         a) Chairman's Statement
·         b) Director Report and Annexure
·         c) Management Discussion and Analysis
·         d) Corporate Governance Disclosures
·         e) Compliance Certificate in Corporate Governance Auditors Report
·         f) Annexure to Auditors Report including CARO Balance Sheet
·         g) Profit and Loss Account
·         h) Schedules forming part of the Accounts
·         i) Statement u/s. 212 of the Companies Act, 1956
·         j) Balance Sheet Abstract
·         Financial Analysis and Interpretation of final accounts using tools of financial management and investment analysis like ratio analysis, funds flow, cash flows and common size statements.
Security Analysis And Portfolio Management
·         An Overview:
·         Investment Alternatives
·         Investment Attributes
·         How does various investment avenues compare ?
·         Investment versus speculation
·         Financial markets
·         Portfolio Management Process
·         Sources of investment risk
·         Approaches to investment decision making
·         Investment Alternatives:
·         Non-marketable financial assets
·         Money market instruments
·         Bonds or fixed income securities
·         Equity shares
·         Mutual fund schemes
·         Life insurance
·         Real Estate
·         Precious objects
·         Securities Market:
·         Primary Equity Market
·         Secondary market and its operations
·         NSE and BSE
·         Buying and selling shares
·         Stock market quotations and stock market indices
·         SEBI and Future challenges
·         Stock market abroad
·         Government securities market
·         Corporate Debt market
·         Money market
·         Risk and Return:
·         Measuring historical return
·         Measuring historical risk
·         Measuring expected (Ex Anto) Return and Risk
·         The Time Value of Money:
·         Time Lines and Notation
·         Future Value of a single amount
·         Present value of a single amount
·         Future value of an Annuity
·         Present value of an Annuity
·         Intra-Year Compounding and Discounting
·         Financial Statement Analysis:
·         Financial Statement
·         Financial Ratio
·         Comparative Analysis
·         Du Pont Analysis
·         Applications of Financial Statement Analysis
·         Problems in Financial Statement Analysis
·         Guidelines for Financial Statement Analysis
·         Portfolio Theory:
·         Portfolio Return
·         Portfolio Risk
·         Portfolio Diversification
·         Optimal Portfolio
·         The Single Index Model
·         Capital Asset Pricing Model:
·         Basis Assumptions
·         Capital Market line
·         Security market line
·         Inputs required for applying CAPM
·         Empirical evidence on capital asset pricing model
·         Efficient market hypothesis:
·         Random walk and search for theory
·         What is an efficient market ?
·         Empirical evidence on weak form efficient market hypothesis/li>
·         Empirical evidence on semi-strong form efficient market hypothesis
·         Empirical evidence on the strong-form efficient market hypothesis
·         An alternative paradigm
·         What is the verdict
·         for investment analysis
·         Analysis and valuation of Debt:
·         Types and features of debt instruments
·         Bond pricing
·         Bond yields
·         Risk in debt
·         Interest rate risk
·         Rating of debt securities
·         The Yield Curve
·         Determinants of interest rates
·         Analysis of Convertible Bonds
·         Bond Portfolio Management
·         Equity Valuation:
·         Balance sheet valuation/li>
·         Dividend discount model
·         Earnings multiplier approach
·         Earnings - Price ratio, expected return and growth
·         Equity portfolio management
·         Fundamental Analysis:
·         Macroeconomic Analysis
·         Industry analysis
·         Company Analysis : The study of financials
·         Company Analysis : Going Beyond Numbers
·         Estimation of Intrinsic Value
·         Some tools for judging under valuation or overvaluation
·         Technical Analysis:
·         What is Technical Analysis ?
·         Charting techniques
·         Technical Indicators
·         Testing Technical Trading Rules
·         Evaluation of Technical Analysis
·         Options:
·         How Options Work
·         Options and their payoffs just before expiration
·         Option strategies
·         Factors determining option values
·         Binomial model for option values
·         Black and scholes model
·         Equity options in India
·         Futures:
·         Features of a Futures Contract
·         Futures Contracts : The Global Scene
·         Equity Futures in India
·         Pricing of Future Contracts
·         Use of Futures Contracts
·         Portfolio Management Framework:
·         Specification of Investment objectives and constraints
·         Selection of Asset Mix
·         Formulation of portfolio strategy
·         Selection of securities
·         Portfolio execution
·         Portfolio revision

·         Performance Evaluation