Thursday, April 7, 2016

Your school recently won the ‘Cleanest School Award ‘.

Your school recently won the  ‘Cleanest School Award ‘.  Tihs was the result of the united efforts of all the students . prepare a report  of about 20 lines for the school magazine explaining it was possible to win the award .

                                           Model English School – The Cleanest School

  February 27 : 25th February was a great day for the students of Model English School .

On that day we were given the ‘Cleanest School Award ‘ by the Mayor , Shri  Gajanan  More . Every month , from june onwards ,there have beenn spot  checks by members of the Municipality and we have always emerged shining . The concept of clanliness has now become a part of us – it has sunk into our blood !

Every class has its own ‘ Cleanliness’ prefect . Every corridor on every floor of the school has its ‘Cleanlines ‘ monitor . Then the posters , the debates, the meetings and the camps held by students at every class level Went towards  creating a very strong  awareness about cleanliness . It was a united effort and the one for which we have to thank, in a large measure , our wonderful  Principal and our teachers . They backed us at every point . This award beloangs to the whole school . Every member of the staff our principal richly deserve it .