OMTEX CLASSES: Gaitor Monuments

Gaitor Monuments

Gaitor is situated near the Man Sagar Lake. It is famous for its marble and sandstone - chhattris (cenotaphs) of the rulers of Jaipur. (A cenotaph is a tomblike monument to a person whose body is somewhere else. Mostly, it is a war memorial.) Gaitor was the royal cremation ground of the kings and princes of the ruling clan of Jaipur. Gaitor has cenotaphs of all the Jaipur rulers except Sawai Ishwari Singh. The marble memorials mark the places where the kings were cremated. There are some smaller cenotaphs. They are the memorials of the princes who died young.

It was Sawai Jai Singh who chose Gaitor as the cremation ground for the royal family. It started in 1733. After that, the final rites of every Kachhwaha king were conducted here. These chhatris are open pavilions. They have dome. There are some pillars ona raised platform to hold up the roof. Each cenotaph has a different design. The most beautiful one is that of Jai Singh II. It was built by his son Ishwari Singh. It is a white marble dome built on 20 carved pillars. Scenes from Hindu mythology are carved on them.