OMTEX CLASSES: Explain the salient features of computer?.importance of computer in modern age?

Explain the salient features of computer?.importance of computer in modern age?

Ans: Today, computers have entered every field of human activity, be it work, education or entertainment.
The salient features of computer are:
1. Speed: A computer works at an incredible speed and can be millions of calculations in just a fraction of a second. This incredible speed of working has paced up modern life and then helps us to keep pace with it.
2. Storage capacity: A computer has a vast memory. It can store a huge quantity of information in its secondary memory devices (eg.hard disk).with the need to store more and more information, this storage capacity has also rapidly increased.
3. Versatility: It can do any type of work once it has been reduced to a series of logical and systematic steps. Thus it is used in every field of human activities so it is versatile;, medical, music composition can simultaneously execute a number of tasks, is called multitasking
4. Accuracy: Since a computer works according to a well defined logic, it never misses out on even a minor steps. i.e it works in maximum accuracy, unless of course an operator feeds it with wrong program or data.
5. Consistent uniform quality of work: like human beings a computer does not gets tired or bored. it gives the same quality of work and level of speed accuracy and neatness after several hours of continuous work.
6. Automation: Once a program and data are fed into a computer. it automatically executes the different steps or stages one after another without needing any reminder or human intervention.
7.Data processing capacity: Data processing capacity refers to commercial computer applications that routinely store and process large quantities of data in order to produce useful information needed by an organisation.processing involves assimilation and sorting of data into an organized manner.

8.user friendly: Modern operating system of a computer and the application software’s has many features and are simple to use ,makes the computer user friendly