Q.    Define the Concept.                                                                 
         A]  Micro economic  B]  Macro Economic    C]  Labour   D] Stock
         E]   Monopoly           F]   Capita                     G]  Output     H] National Income
         I ]   General Equilibrium   J]    Entrepreneur  K]   Equilibrium price
         L]   Market   M] Joint Monopoly
        N]   What are the determinants of supply?

Q.    Short notes                                                                                              
         1] Micro economic concept of features.
         2] Macro economic concept of features.
         3] Subject matter of micro economic.
         4] Primary functions of money.
        5] Historical review of micro economic.
        6] Historical review of macro economic.
        7] Theory of welfare.
        8] Quality of good money.
        9] General equilibrium analysis.

Q.    Answer the following question.
        1] Types of utility.
        2] Features of utility.
        3] What is budget.         
        4] Concept of demand.                                                                                                  
        5] Explain the law of DMU.
        6] State the determinant of aggregate demand 
        7] State the relationship between tu and mu.
        8] What is surplus budget.
        9] What is the giffen good /paradox.
       10] State the determinant aggregate supply.
       11] State the execption to the law of supply.
       12] What is the elasticity of demand. 
       13] State the components of budget.
      14]  Budget.
     15]  Central bank.
    16]  Commercial bank.
    17]  Demand.

Q4.    Distinguish between.

       1] Paper money and  Metallic coins .
       2] Full bodied money Token money.
       3] CRR and statutory liquidity ratio.
      4] Bank rate and Reserve repo rate.
      5] Convertible paper money and Inconvertible paper  money.
      6] Demand curve and Supply curve.
      7]  Individual demand and Market demand.
      8] Fixed capital and Variable capital
      9] Micro economic and Macro economic.
     10] Saving function and Consumption function.
     11] Price elastic of demand and  Income elastic of demand.
     12]  Relatively elastic demand and relatively inelastic demand.
     13] Inferior goods and  Superior goods.
     14]  Man made factor  and   Natural factor.
     15]  Perfectly elastic demand  and  Perfectly inelastic demand.
     16]  Central bank and Commercial bank.
     17]  Desire and Demand.
     18]  Land and Capital.

     19] Bank rate and Repo rate.