OMTEX CLASSES: Datia Palace Govind Mandir Bir Singh Palace

Datia Palace Govind Mandir Bir Singh Palace

Datia Palace is in Uttar Pradesh. It is just 26 km from Jhansi. It lies between Gwalior and Jhansi. The Datia palace was built by the Bundela chief Raj Bir Singh Deo. The palaces at Datia are the best surviving examples of a new style of architecture. It was developed inthe 16th & 17th centuries under the rule of Bundela Rajputs.

The palace was built in 1620. To the people of the locality the palace is known as Govind Mandir. Officially, the palace is named after the king who built it and it is known as the Bir Singh Palace. This palace is built as a single unit. It is not as scattered as the other ones in India. The Bir Singh Palace has five stories. There is a central dome. It rises to a height of 35m. There are many underground chambers in the palace.

The main entrance of the palace is on the eastern side. The palace is situated on the bank of a lake. the Karna Sagar. The most outstanding speciality of this palace is that is is entirely made of stones and bricks. Neither wood nor iron has been used for the construction of this palace.