Q.1 (A) FILLS IN THE BLANKS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  5 MARKS
  1. Credit or Debit cards are popularly known as ______ money. (paper, plastic, polymer)
  2. The fastest means of transport is ______ (Air transport , Rail transport, Water transport)
  3. For online transaction ________ is required. (trading, registration, business, computer)
  4. Principle of utmost good faith is applicable to ________. (Life insurance, Marine insurance, all types of Insurance)
  5. In India railways are owned and managed by ______(Private Companies, Government, Individuals)
(B) MATCH THE PAIRS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  5 MARKS
  1. Henry Fayol
  2. Principle of unity of command
  3. Time Study
  4. F.W. Taylor
  5. Management principles
  1. Universal
  2. Father of Scientific management
  3. one man one boss
  4. French Engineer
  5. Study of body movement of workers.
  6. German Engineer
               (C) GIVE SUITABLE ONE WORD WHICH SUIT TO THE BELOW QUESTION                                                                 5 MARKS
  1. Father of Scientific management.
  2. A consumer dispute redressal agency that handles the claims upto Rs 20 lakhs.
  3. The principle of management which says unity is strength.
  4. Name the form of electronic currency that exists only in cyberspace.
  5. Name the modern process of controlling a business function to someone else.
Q.2 WRITE SHORT NOTES ANY THREE OUT OF FIVE (30 MINUTES)                                                                                              15 MARKS
  1. Types of Partners.
  2. Nature of Controlling.
  3. business to consumer (B to C)
  4. Types of Co-operative Society.
  5. Features/characteristics of Entrepreneurs.
Q.3 DISTINQUISH BETWEEN ANY THREE OUT OF FIVE (30 MINUTES)                                                                                                        15 MARKS
  1. Sole Trading V/S Joint Stock Company
  2. Bonded Warehouse V/S duty paid Warehouse
  3. Loan V/S Over Draft
  4. Saving Account V/S Fixed deposit Account
  5. Social Responsibility V/S Traditional Responsibility.
Q.4 TRUE OR FALSE WITH REASON ANY THREE OUT OF FIVE (25 MINUTES)                                                                           15 MARKS
  1. Taylor called father of scientific management.
  2. Road transport provides door to door service.
  3. Business Ethics can be considered as a tool for social development.
  4. Overdraft facility is provided to Current Account Holder.
  5. The principles of indemnity apply to Fire Insurance.
Q.5 ANSWER THE FOLLOWING ANY TWO OUT OF FIVE (20 MINUTES)                                                        10 MARKS
  1. Explain the features of Business Service                                                                                                                                         
  2. E-business.
  3. Outsourcing.
  4. Types of Marine Insurance Policy
  5. Features of Organizing.
Q.6 ANSWER IN BRIEF ANY ONE OUT OF TWO (20 MINUTES)                                                                                                                         10 MARKS
  1. Define Partnership Firm? Explain its advantages and disadvantages?
  2. Social responsibility of commercial organisation towards Share holder and Government?