OMTEX CLASSES: Colorful Festival

Colorful Festival

A festival is a joyous occasion. It is a series of joyful events. Festivals are a time for fun and rejoicing. India is the country of festivals. It has a great number of festivals than any other country.

Every community has a number of festivals celebrated. Festivals are commemoration of the important events. They include birthdays of great people. Festivals are occasions when people gather together.

There are two kinds of festivals. They are religious festivals and regional festivals. People belonging to a particular religion celebrate religious festivals. People of a particular place celebrate the regional festival.

Onam is a regional festival, because only the people of Kerala celebrate it. Ramadan (Ramzan)  is a religious festival, because Muslims celebrate it.

Festivals are occasions not just for fun. They are expressions of unity and co-operation. They work as a link between the individuals and groups. It is a feeling of love and brotherhood. So we should always actively participate in such celebration.