Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. We all wait for the arrival of this day. Because it is really an enjoyable experience to celebrate it. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ. This is the most important of Christian festivals.

Christmas is a time for enjoyment. Mid - night prayers are arranged in most of the churches. It is believed that Jesus Christ born in midnight. Sending greeting cards is a part of the Christmas celebration. In this season, Churches and homes are illuminated with colourful lights. They are beautifully decorated.

Many families make cribs. Cribs are models of Jesus' birth spot. Many little statues are placed in the crib. Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, sheep shepherds are angels have a place in the crib. Christmas tree also makes the occasion enjoyable. The tree also will be well decorated.

All houses will be decorated with stars. Many types of stars will be used for it. Sweet cakes also are part of Christmas. People celebrate Christmas in a very rejoicing mood. Christmas Papa or Santa Clause arrived with chocolates. It is a time for music too. Carol singing makes the whole atmosphere beautiful.