1. Three persons X, Y and Z started a business in partnership by investing Rs. 24,000, Rs. 52,000 and Rs. 80,000 respectively. At the end of the year, they earned a profit of Rs. 7800 in the business. Find the share of each in the profit.  [Rs. 1200, 2600, 4000]

2. A house is sold at 25% profit. The amount of brokerage at 3/4 % comes to 5250. Find the cost of the house.  [Rs. 5,60,000] 

3. Find the rate of interest compounded per annum if an ordinary annuityof Rs. 10000 per year amounts to Rs. 20,500 in 2 years,  [5%] 

4. For what amount should a cargo worth Rs. 25,350 be insured so that in the event of loss, its value as well as the cost of insurance may be recovered, the rate of premium being 2.50 per cent. (Rs. 26,000) 

5. For an annuity immediate paid for 3 years with interest compounded at 10% p.a. the present value is Rs. 12,000. What is its accumulated value after 3 years? [Rs. 15972]