OMTEX CLASSES: Diamond and Graphite

Diamond and Graphite

i. A diamond is a transparent, usually colourless, beautiful substance.
i. Graphite is an opaque, greyish – black substance.
ii. In a diamond, each carbon atom is linked to four other adjacent carbon atoms held at the corner of a regular tetrahedron to form a rigid three – dimensional structure.
ii. In graphite, each carbon atom is bonded with three other adjacent carbon atoms to form a hexagonal, planar structure.
iii. In a diamond, there are no free electrons.
iii. In graphite, there are plenty of free electrons.
iv. A diamond is a good conductor of heat but non – conductor of electricity.
iv. Graphite if a fairly good conductor of both heat and electricity.
v. Diamond is the hardest of all substances.
v. Graphite is soft as its layers slide over one another due to weak bonds between them.