OMTEX CLASSES: No Accounts re exam

No Accounts re exam

Mumbai: Though the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education claims that snapshots of the book-keeping and accountancy papers were circulated only after the exam had begun, students feel some may have gained unfair advantage.

"After I came out of my exam centre, some friends told me that the paper was being circulated before the paper began. I did not get it but the students who might have got a chance to see the paper could have discussed the questions with people outside and got answers," said Manali J, an examinee at a Kalyan centre.

With the message about the paper having leaked being circulated among the students, there were fears of a re-exam as well. "For the past few days, we have been receiving calls asking if the HSC papers have leaked and if there is going to be a re-exam. Students panic when they hear such things fearing that they might have to appear once again," said a counsellor from the board helpline. Messages with questions claiming to be part of the economics paper were being circulated among students.

The use of technology has made it difficult to ascertain the reach of the paper being circulated. However, the board has ruled out the possibility of a re-exam until investigations are completed. "There are lakhs of students who took the exam. Only a few might have indulged in malpractices. So it is not feasible to hold a re-exam for all students," said Y S Chandekar, secretary of the Mumbai divisional board.

In the past too, the board has often insisted that leaks were restricted to only a few and did not conduct a re-exam. "When someone is found in possession of a hard copy of a question paper before they are supposed to have, then we can ascertain who has benefited from it and take necessary action only against those involved," said a board official.