OMTEX CLASSES: A story about a situation where a person is put into danger

A story about a situation where a person is put into danger

The motorway drive.

They was loud lafhs in the car me and Brady was excited we was going to Jamaca we was planning it for ages it was a hot sunny day flying down the motorway.

There is wizing spinning cars shooting down the M1, I smell strong ova powering diesel flying up my nose There was a sound of good sweet engines, the wind was fundering.

Brady was all ways the class clown and Jake was the cool popular won. Me and Jake was shooting down the motor way and Jake turned left and a car bumped Jake and then his tire fell off and then bang… Jake was knocked out and Brady maneged to stay up he got out of the car and ran he looked back and the car went bang. People was screeming and crying and when the car blew up sumet flung up and choped Brady head of in a split of a second and then the police came and they was shocked and they put the fire out and every thing went OK. But sadly Brady and Jake died. There names was remembered.


There are clear problems with spelling, punctuation and agreement in this piece which reduce the SSPS mark to 1. The story is very brief without any development of character, atmosphere or feelings. The change of person is a weakness and the vocabulary range is fairly narrow. There is, however, a discernible narrative line with a clear start and end. For the Content and Organisation aspect it deserves a Band 1 mark of 4 giving a total of 5 marks.