OMTEX CLASSES: Physical Education

Physical Education

Q.1 A Fill in the blanks:-

1. The oldest game in the world is _____________

(Polo, Cricket, Foot ball)

2. The size of the handball court is _________

(40mx20m, 15mx30m, 20mx30m)

3. The Common Wealth Games are held once in _____________

(two years, four years, five years)

4. The THR can be calculated in a range of ___________ intensity

(50% - 60%, 55%- 75%, 60%-80%)

5. The term „butterfly‟ is associated with ___________

(swimming, shooting, archery)

6. THR means ___________________

(Target heart rate, target health ratio, Training heart rate)

7. _________ refers to the ability of four joints to move through a full range of motion.

(mobility, flexibility, static flexibility)

8. _________ is a team event.

(sprint, relay, jumps)

9. The size of the volley ball court is _________

(18mx9m, 18mx18m, 10mx20m)

10. The dimension of a football play ground is_____________

(100m to 110m, 130m to 150m, 160m to 200m)

Q.1 B. True or False:-

1. Football was originated in India- False

2. Relay is a team event with 4 runners running- True

3. Long Jump is also known as a running event – False

4. Football is also known as rocker- False

5. Yoga is a generic term for a physical, philosophical and spiritual discipline - False

6. Savasana is the most important part of yoga practice - True

7. Health Related Physical Fitness (HRPF)- True

8. Pranayama is Breath Control – True

9. Mudra is performed with the hands and fingers- True

Q.2 Answer in one sentence:-

1. What is the length and width of the lean in a standard track?

Ans 400m is the length and width of the lean in a standard track.

2. Who won the gold medal in 10 m air rifle event at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games 2008?

Ans Abhinav Bindra is the first Indian to win an individual gold medal at the Olympic games Beijing

3. Who is known as the “Golden girl” of India?

Ans P.T. Usha is known as “ Golden Girl” of India. 

4. What is Physical Fitness?

Ans Physical Fitness is the ability of the body to carry out everyday activities with little fatigue and with enough energy left for emergencies.

5. Who is an Indian Hockey legend ?

Ans Major Dhyanchand, the “Hockey Wizard” is Indian Hokey legend.

6. How many lanes are there in a standard Athletic track?

Ans 6 or 8 lanes are there in a standard athletic track

7. Who is known as the Flying Sikh ?

Ans Milkha Singh is known as ”The flying Sikh”.

8. Who is the first Indian woman to win Olympics medal in the individual category?

Ans Karnam Malleswari is the first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal in the individual category

9. Write five components of physical fitness.


10. Define Health as per WHO.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resource, as well as physical capacities."

11. What are the two types of physical fitness?

Physical fitness is of two types; health related physical fitness and skill related physical fitness.

12. What are the components of skill related physical fitness?

Components of Skill related physical fitness are Speed, Agility, Power, Reaction time, Balance and Coordination.

13. Explain the four stages of Long jump.

Four stages of long jump are the approach run, the take off, the flight and landing.

14. What are the things that the short distance runner should remember?

Sprinter must run in the lane allotted to him, Use starting block to give a boost. Not to run before the word "go" or else he will get disqualified.

15. Mention all the important jumps.

There are four types of jumps: 1) long jump 2) high jump 3) triple jump 4) polo vault.

16. Explain the stages of triple jumps.

The five main stages of Triple jump are (1) Approach run (2) Hop or Take off  (3) The step (4) The Jump (5) Landing.

17. Define muscular endurance in one sentence.

Muscular endurance is the application of repeated muscular force.

18. Define cardio vascular endurance in one sentence.

Cardio vascular endurance is the ability to take in, deliver, and exert oxygen for physical work.

Define The Following

Physical Fitness -

The term "Physical Fitness" itself reflects the meaning of health. It is the capability of the individual to meet the varied physical and physiological demands made during sporting or physical activity.

Cardio Vascular Endurance -

It is the maximum functional capacity of the cardio - respiratory system to carry out the work/tasks involving large muscle group for extended period of time.

muscular Strength -

It is the maximum amount of force applied by a muscle or group of muscles against an opposite force.

Muscular Endurance -

Muscular Endurance is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to repeat the muscular contraction against a force over a period of time

Flexibility -

Flexibility is the range of motion in a joint or group of joints, or the ability to move joints effectively.

Composition -

Body Composition means the amount of fat free body weight. In other words, "Body composition refers to the body's relative amount of fat lean body tissue or fat free body mass.

Speed -

"It is the ability to perform a movement successfully within a short period time"

Power -

"It is an ability of an individual to contract muscles with speed and force in an explosive act"

Agility -

"It is the physical ability that enables a person to change his/her body position and direction rapidly in a precise manner"

Reaction Time -

"It is the ability to react to a stimulus as quickly as possible"

Balance -

"Balance is the ability to retain balance when stationary or moving"

Co-ordination -

"It is the ability to perform smooth and accurate motor tasks by using the right sense and correlated muscular contraction at a right time"

Yoga -

"Yoga is derived from the sanskrit roots. Yoga means the unification of Atma with Parmatma. Yoga is attaining the pose. Yoga is skill in actions.

Answer in Brief

1.  Write a note on Health related physical fitness.

Health related physical fitness is "A state characterized by an ability to perform daily activities with vigour and a demonstration of trait and capacities that are associated with low risk premature development of hyperkinetic disease (i.e those associated with physical inactivity. Five components of Health related physical fitness are 

(a) Muscular Strength 
(b) Muscular Endurance
(c) Cardiovascular Endurance 
(d) Flexibility

(e) Body Composition

2. State the position of Uttan Mandukasana.

Uttan Mandukasana : Sit in vajrasana on your heal. Open your feet apart and place your buttock on the floor in between your feet. Now open your knees wide and let your toes touch each other in the back of your buttocks. Sit straight, grab your right elbow with the left hand and vice versa, and stretch your thus folded arms up and behind your head.

3. Write in brief about pranayam.

Pranayam, or breath control, is the Fourth Limb of ashtanga, as set out by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra. This practice is an integral part of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. 

Yoga in the execution of asanas.
Types of Pranayam -

(1) Anuloma - Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing - II)

(2) Suryan Bhedan Pranayama (Right Nostril Breathing)

(3) Ujjayi Pranayama 

(4) Sitkari 

(5) Shitali

(6) Bhasrika 

(7) Bhramari 

(8) Murchha

(9) Plavini Pranayama

4. What do you mean by Agility?

The ability to change the direction of your body quickly and efficiently at the speed of your travel is known as agility. Agility is very important to reach out on time. It is required in very important games like kho-kho, shuttle run, handball, hockey, football, tennis, etc.

5. Write the benefits of Suryanamskar.

Suryanamskar energizes the body, refreshes the mind and relieves stiffens. It is a form of exercise for all fitness levels. It promotes keen awareness of the interconnectedness of your body, mind and breath. It is spiritual uplifting exercise. The beneficial advantage of suryanamskar is; it provides workout for the muscles. It also benefits joints, ligaments and the skeletal system by improving posture, flexibility and balance.

6. What do you mean by Coordination?

It is the ability to use your body parts and muscles, to move smoothly and accurately. It is a skill that recruits the senses such as sight and hearing in connection with body parts to perform tasks accurately and with efficient movement. Various skill related components of fitness are integrated into accurate and effective movements. Handeye coordination tests or foot-eye coordination tests are often used to assess coordination. Juggling, hitting a baseball with a bat are some examples of coordination. 

7. What do you mean by muscular endurance?

Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to do repeated contraction against less-than-maximum resistance for a given period of time. This is in contrast to muscular strength, which is the greatest amount of force that a muscle or group of muscle can exert in a single effort.

8. Write the names of popular cricket playing teams.

The most popular cricket playing countries are India, Australia, England, New Zealand, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kenya, Zimbabwe.

9. Write any one batting skill in cricket.

Square cut is an aggressive/attacking shot played to a ball which has been pitched short of a good length (a short delivery) and is passing wide of off stump. You should aim to hit the ball square of the wicket ideally between point and gully, always aim to hit the ball between the fielders and into the gaps.

10. Name the football tournaments played in India at the national level.

The National level tournament played in India are:

(1) Federation Cup (2) Durand Cup (3) Indian Super Cup (4) Santosh Trophy

Draw and label the figure of a ground?

1) Shot put 

2) Cricket

3) Volley ball 

4) Football