OMTEX CLASSES: Creating a Sitemap

Creating a Sitemap

Skill Level: Basic
A sitemap page is a great addition to any site. It provides yet another method for your users to find the information they seek.  A sitemap page uses a Page Index to display a listing of your pages alphabetically based on the filter options you select.
1.      Where to build the page
a.      Many people are choosing to use the About Us subsite for miscellaneous information. This is a great subsite to put this page in
b.      Browse to a page in the chosen subsite and log in if you haven’t already done so

2.      Building the page
a.      You can create the page using one of the 2 methods below:
                                i.               Copy a page
1.        This is the easiest method to use when you have an existing page that matches the format you desire
2.        From the closely matched page in the Page Specific Menu Bar, choose Actions >> Copy Page …
a.           From the Copy Page pop-up, use Next  to default to the current subsite, scroll to your site/subsite in the list, or use Subsite Search to select the copied page location, then select Next
b.          From the Copy Page pop-up, fill in these properties:
                                                                        i.             Name:                                          sitemap
                                                                       ii.             Title:                                             Site Map
                                                                      iii.             Title Bar Caption:       Site Map, SiteName, UW-Eau Claire
                                                                      iv.             Description:                 Site map for SiteName at UW-Eau Claire
                                                                       v.     Keywords:                         sitemap, site map
c.           Save

                             ii.     Create a new page
1.        This option should be used if you don’t have a page that matches the format you desire
2.        From the Dashboard Menu Bar, select New >> Page
a.                 From the Create Page pop-up, use Next to default to the current subsite, scroll to your sites/subsite in the list, or use Subsite Search to select the copied page location, then select Next.
b.                From the Template Gallery pop-up, select the template category for your site, then select Next.
c.                Select your template from the list, then Next. For most sites, this will be the Main or Working template. Refer to the Template List you were provided if you are not sure.
d.           Fill in the properties in the Create New Page pop-up:
                                                                        i.     Name:                                 sitemap
                                                                       ii.     Title:                                    Site Map
                                                                      iii.     Title Bar Caption:             Sitemap, SiteName, UW-Eau Claire
                                                                      iv.     Description:                       Sitemap for SiteName at UW-Eau Claire
                                                                       v.     Keywords:                          sitemap
e.           Save

3.      Using the Page Index element
a.      This handout assumes you have a page title displayed on the page. If not, add one.
b.      If this is a copy of an existing page, remove any unneeded content and elements
c.      Under the page title of this page, insert the Page Index element
                                          i.     From the body region of the page, select Click to insert new element
                                         ii.     From the Element Gallery pop-up, select Link & List Elements >> Page Index
d.      Select Click here to define the Page Index element
e.      In the Page Index Filter Properties pop-up, adjust the filter settings
                                          i.     Subsite:                                                     Use the Custom option from the pull down
                                                                    to pick your root site, then check
Include subsites
                                         ii.     Page types to display:
1.       CommonSpot Pages             Definite
2.      SubSites                                     No
3.      Uploaded Documents            Optional
                                        iii.     Categorization, Sorting & Description Options:
1.      Categorization:                        Subsite
2.      Site Name Format:                  {DisplayName}
3.      Sort Order:                                Title (Ascending)
4.      Description Field:                    Standard Description
                                        iv.     Save
f.       Apply the design settings (Do NOT use the element Style properties for this)
                                          i.     From the Page Index element icon, select Layout
                                         ii.     Select Advanced … (near the bottom of the box)
1.      Primary Column Indentation: 20
2.      Title Column Indentation:                      20
3.      Save
g.      Submit changes to the page

4.      Linking the page
a.      If you use a Page Index for second level sidebar navigation, your page will automatically be displayed in the sidebar. If not, you will need to link the page manually or through a template
b.      If you use a the horizontal navigation pulldown element, you may want to add this new page to that element through the template

5.      NOTE:  The resulting sitemap page shows all pages on your site with a breakdown by subsite. The subsites are sorted alphabetically by subsite name, rather than subsite title, which may result in subsites appearing to NOT be in alphabetic order. While this is a bit odd, it is nothing we can control at this time.