Do as directed:

Do as directed:

1.      Smith: Good Morning, Mr. Jones. It is a long time since I saw you in town.
Jones: Good Morning, Mr. Smith. I only came up for business for few hours. (Rewrite in Indirect Speech)
Ans. Smith wished Jones a good morning and added that it had been a long time since he had seen him in town. Jones greeted Smith in return and explained that he had come to town for business for just a few hours.
2.      I received his message ________ 8 o’ clock ________ the morning. (Insert suitable prepositions)
Ans. I received his message at 8 o’ clock in the morning.
3.      You _____________ (needn’t, mustn’t, won’t) light a match, the room is full of gas. (choose the correct alternative and complete the sentence)
Ans. You mustn’t light a match, the room is full of gas.
4.      Expand the abbreviations given below.
                                                                          i.      I.A.S.                     ii. L.L.B.
Ans. i. I.A.S. – Indian Administrative Service.
            L.L.B. – Bachelor of Letters and Law.
5.      I like that picture hanging _________ the wall __________ the kitchen.
Ans. I like that picture hanging on the wall of the kitchen.
6.      There is _________ beautiful garden behind _________ house. (Insert suitable articles in the blanks and rewrite the sentence)
Ans. There is a beautiful garden behind the house.
7.      Change the following telephonic conversation into indirect speech:
Kavita: Hello! May I speak to Mayank?
Avinash: Hello Kavita, Mayank will come late today!
Ans. Kavita greeted Avinash over the telephone and requested speak to Mayank. Avinash reciprocated the greeting and stated that Mayank would come late that day.  
8.      a. My bus leaves early in the morning. (Add a question tag)
My bus leaves early in the morning, doesn’t it?
                        b. His voice was pleasant. (Rewrite as an Exclamatory Sentence)
                        How pleasant his voice was!
9.      a. This old man had an oversized heart. (Rewrite the sentence by explaining the underlined phrase)
This old man was very generous, kind and loving.
b. Give the antonyms of: (i) cursing  (ii) weakness.
Cursing – blessing.          (ii) weakness – strength.
10.  a. She would just have a carrot. (Rewrite as a Negative sentence)
She would have nothing else except a carrot.
b.      The spot was bigger than the night before. (Change into Positive Degree)
The spot was not as big the night before as it was today.
11.  a. Keryn hurried to her bedroom mirror. (Rewrite the sentence using the noun form of the underlined verb)
Keryn moved in a hurry to her bedroom mirror.
b. Supply homophones for the words given below.
i. sea                ii. be.
i. sea – sea                               ii. be – bee.

12.  Do as directed:
a.      This one was probably for his mom. (Rewrite as a negative sentence without changing the meaning)
This one was probably for nobody but his mom.
b.      Mom and I broke down. (Add a question tag)
Mom and I broke down, didn’t we?
13.  Create a word register of the four words, specially related to the game mentioned in the above passage.
Home run, pitcher, season, ball, bat.
14.  Do as directed.
                                                                          i.      Both persons have to take efforts. (Change the voice)
Efforts have to be taken by both persons.
                                                                        ii.      Don’t lose your calm if their opinions and tastes differ from yours. (Identify the clauses and state their kinds.)
Don’t lose your calm – Main Clause
if their opinions and tastes differ from yours – subordinate clause.
15.  i. Use ‘sarcastic’ in a Noun form and make a sentence.
He spoke to his guests in tones of sarcasm which offended them.
Sarcasm is a rude and crude way of speaking to others.
i.                    Which word in the passage means ‘weakness’?
‘imperfection’ means ‘weakness’.
16.  a. She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the teacher. (Begin with ‘No sooner’)
No sooner did she stop by the desk than she wrote a note to the teacher.
b. The textbook was ­under the chair. (Frame a “Wh” type question with the underlined part as the answer)
Where was the text book?
17.  a. Form verbs from (i) sure, (ii) brief.
i.                    Ensure             ii. brief.
b. Find words from the passage where the following items may be placed. i. dirty clothes.     Ii. shoes.
ii.                  Hamper,                       ii. rack.
18.  a. Dad reached in and fed the snake. (Rewrite the sentence using the present participle form of the verb underlined)
On reaching in, Dad fed the snake.
b. he could then take his offering to Old Tom. (Pick out the preposition)
to – preposition.
19.  Use the following phrases in meaningful sentences of your own.
a.      make one’s day
My father made my day when he announced that he was taking me on a world trip.
b.      To get to know
We got to know about his illness from his uncle.
20.  a. Now – a – days we do not do the tailoring ourselves. (Add a question tag)
Now – a -  days we do not do the tailoring ourselves, do we?
b. I decided to visit Sarville Row.
I took a decision to visit Saville Row.
21.  a. Give another word for the phrase ‘quality of being truly honest”
b. Match the following nouns in column A with their meanings in Column B and rewrite them;
Column A
Column B
i.                    gratitude
ii.                  bewilderment
a.       confusion
b.      question
c.       thankfulness
i.                    gratitude                                   thankfulness
ii.                  bewilderment                           confusion
22.  Use any two phrases in sentences of your own:
a.       To win laurels                    b. To pave the way      c. To prove one’s mettle          d. A tough regimen
Ans. a. Shyam and his brother won laurels in outdoor games for three consecutive years.
b.      His association with his uncle paved the way for his entry into politics.
c.       One can prove one’s mettle in various ways in life.
d.      Managing studies and co – curricular activities on a daily basis is a tough regimen.
23.  a. I did the rounds of other public schools with my father. (change the voice)
The rounds of other public schools were done with my father.
b. Though shocked, Maggu rejected the advice. (Rewrite as a simple sentence)
Ans. Inspite of being shocked, Maggu rejected the advice.
24.  When you expect success and take action on that expectation, you almost always succeed. (Name the part of speech of the underlined words)
Expect, succeed – verbs, expectation, success – Noun.
25.  a. He cared about me and his customers. (Rewrite using ‘not only ……… but also”)
Not only did he care about me, but also about his customers.
b. The cowboy has made millions of dollars. (Add a question tag).
The Cowboy had made millions of dollars, hasn’t he?

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